Top WordPress Nightclub Themes for Clubs & Bars or Pubs Website Design in 2019

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Entertainment and leisure or hospitality industry has turned into hundreds of million dollars turnover every month with good scope to make career, earn more and make fortunes. Restaurants, food courts, night clubs, casinos, pubs, bars, spas, gaming zone, etc., are different options where you can try your luck to become successful. If you are in this domain or planning to enter it, you should be well aware of the importance of online presence as it makes you familiar name amid tourists and those who are visiting your city and often do research for hotels, clubs, restaurants and bars before starting their tour. A majority of tourists prefer book online – mainly pre-book to avoid any kind of hassle. An impressive and informative website is the web platform to help your virtual guests and clients turn into reality.

When it comes to restaurants, clubs or even hotels, you will see majority of people often prefer to research the place they want to visit. There is no denying the fact that word of mouth still plays a pivotal role as you are more likely to believe the recommendation of a personal friend, that an advertising billboard. If you are all set to make your name popular in this domain, you must be well aware of the importance of public advertising, especially in heavily populated urban areas. There is no predetermined formula for success, one simply has to experiment with all mediums, and find the correct match. If you are one of them looking for a niche to make your leisure and entertainment industry move to next level of success with ever increasing popularity graph, you will be well aware of the website that is easy to design – mainly after getting access to WordPress Nightclub themes for clubs, bars, pubs and more.

You will see a good number of businesses from across the globe that has devastatingly adopted the Internet as their primary means of information, customer service, research and advertising. It is a natural transition from the previous focus on television and magazines that has been offering great exposure at only a fraction of the cost. Indeed, with lesser amount that you can pay happily. You can get your message to hundreds of thousands of people, and the innovation does not stop there.

Gone are the days, when you were dependent on print out thick, extensive brochures that nobody would be want. Using personal phone line, and hire a representative that could answer questions are not effective ways of marketing. The potential patron could just walk up to your location and ask questions, but for many people that is not an option.

Design Your Own Website without Worrying About Coding Knowledge or Prior Designing Experience

A website is the most vital need for you to stay competitive and generate better business opportunities. Your website can contain every single bit of information that your client might need, in addition to pictures and videos. It brings to you something more than what you have expected. You can post your schedule, notify about current events, and even start an email marketing campaign. All of these advantages and more await those that go through the trouble of setting up their web page. Designing a website can be complicated task, if you don’t have any knowledge about designing process.

However, it is not a big issue now because of possibilities on various strong platforms that are based on innovative frameworks. WordPress offers consistent quality without draining your wallet. Their site setup process is quite intuitive, and you will not experience any trouble. This ease of use and access is great, as it eliminates the need to hire a professional web development company. You are basically mitigating costs, as you will only need to spend a few dollars on a theme. These WordPress themes are basically feature-filled skins, that allow not only for customization, but also for a variety of useful attributes such as cross-platform compatibility, high resolution icon display, online store creation and so on.

Everything that is required to create a top notch web page is found on WordPress that is the best source of getting more and more themes. You have to just use the right one, make changes with content and image and get your website ready to serve your purpose. WordPress themes come with the added advantage of a massive user base. One of the main points to note is that it is used by millions of users. In simple words, the community is vast, so just by being on this platform you are increasing your exposure, and lessening your odds of failure.

Time is also a factor, and WordPress demands as little as possible. The process itself will take only a few minutes, but nobody can estimate how long it will take you to pick from the awesome features. Some of the most popular and latest WordPress Nightclub themes that you can try include, but not limited to:


For impressive online presence of your pubs, bars, nightclubs or discotheque, you need a website that you can design according to your choice. Here, you will come to know about the use of impressive WordPress nightclub themes that comes with different plugins and page builder as well as various customization options. Rockon WordPress theme is multipurpose, responsive and easy to use Nightclub WordPress theme on strong framework. It is ready for WordPress 4.1 onward, and the design is minimal and clean. The developers have integrated a fully animated Revolution Slider. Be it mobile or tablet, Rockton will work without any compatibility issues, guaranteeing a reliable experience for every user.

It really has a modern feel, designed for those that enjoy dancing, parties, discos, bands, night life, jockeys and more. You don’t have to let this versatility fool you into thinking that Rockton cannot work on other platforms. The tools and features that in includes have a wide array of applications, suitable for almost any site, regardless of its niche. It is currently at its 1.1 version, and with the latest patch, the Light Version is also available. When you decide to buy this theme, you are not just purchasing a stale, linear product.

Rockon WordPress Theme is very dynamic, constantly changing and receiving updates from the developers. As issues and bugs arise, the developers guarantee that they will squash them. A reasonably priced theme and the Slider Revolution Plugin is free of charge, despite the price tag of certain amount of money that is lesser than $20. You will get Visual Composed, which is one of the most cherished theme Plugins in the world. There is a lot more associated with this WordPress theme that will surely make your club’s online presence impressive and better.


You cannot miss the importance of Vocal, when it comes to create the list of top WordPress nightclub themes for clubs, pubs, bars and different other same platforms for remarkable web presence. It is the best source for developers, designers and even for everyone who wants to design a WordPress based website for clubs, pubs, bars or restaurants. It seems like the developers of Vocal recall the same moment, as they have programmed an innovative theme that captures the experience perfectly. It is perfect for cinema and music planning and advertising.

Regardless of what genre of music you prefer, rest assured that Vocal will create an awesome website that can do it justice. It is compatible with mobile platforms and fully responsive, while including 6 preset color schemes. Take full advantage of the Visual Composer and craft your ideal page. The greatest advantage of this theme is that it eliminates all barriers that were hindering your creativity before. Everything that you will ever need is here; the only limit is your imagination. If you anticipate many views, you might want to consider opening your own online store, where you can freely distribute merchandise. Vocal includes the reliable WooCommerce plugin, which creates a stable environment for online commerce.

Ticket sale will be easier by this innovation. In addition, your site will also support Vimeo and YouTube. Depending on the circumstance, you might want to present your page in multiple languages. Fortunately, Vocal is WPMP ready, allowing for multilingual support. This is the potential to expand your target demographic and facilitate their understanding. Customization options makes Vocal Ideal WordPress theme to choose to help you in transforming your creativity into reality.

It is also Music Event WordPress Theme, 100% Responsive and comes with Six Predefined Color Presets, Mobile Ready as well as Customizable & Visual Composer, WPML Ready. Try this one to make your website look impressive and unique.


Clubix is a great theme for WordPress with the tag of nightclub. It is the best WordPress theme to design your own website to make your club, bar or pub comes online with remarkable web presence. It is for those who seek to accommodate the needs of the more outgoing demographics. Be it websites for music, nightlife or clubs, Clubix can help you out. It addition, it assures the satisfaction of both the visitors, and the owner of the site. This theme is now at its 2.0 version, and it has way more features than its predecessor.

You will get total of 25 new features, improving something that was very impressive to begin with. In order to experience these changes, you may visit the site and access Clubix’s custom demos. Clubix is a responsive wordpress theme, and is the best theme for nightlife events, music, bands and also magazines. This is the perfect theme for you, if you are involved into nightlife, music or events and you want something different.

That’s why we created Clubix, a theme with strong design and strong features made to satisfy your fans, followers, party starters and most important you. Every theme setting are in your favor to use with ease, that is possible due to the user-friendly Redux Framework. In addition, every aspect of your page will be translatable, as it will be compatible with WPML. Most of your loyal customers will appreciate the opportunity to read a page in their native tongue. As an owner, it grants you the ability to expand, and to reach more people with your content and updates. Localization support is a nifty addition, as Clubix has incorporated .po and .mo files. The WooCommerce plugin is included in the package, and it lets you create an online store for various products. WooCommerce pages and sidebars will have their own special design. Personalized Contact forms are easy to create, due to the inclusion of the Contact Form 7 plugin.

This theme has no browser compatibility issue, and it is able to display your site on mobile devices as well as on desktop computers. This increases traffic, as people can check for updates while on the go. There is a lot more associated with WordPress nightclub theme that will surely enhance your experience of designing what exactly you are looking for.


If your goal is to promote your nightclub, be sure to check out StereoClub. This WordPress theme offers a versatile toolkit of features, and a jaw-dropping design that will never go out of style. StereoClub is compatible with WordPress v4.4+, and it is being used by more than 700 professional designers, developers, and web design companies. If you are a novice user, the product will be configured and installed for you. No need to get your hands dirty, so just enjoy the creative aspects of website ownership. Users will benefit from 13 personalized widgets, full CSS3, a streamlined theme code, and the option to implement custom site backgrounds. Microformats are available, along with threaded comments and a powerful Drop-Down Menu.

It is possible to upload your own custom logo and personalized Header Images. With StereoClub, resizing errors are completely eliminated. Your content is compatible with any device, including tablets and smartphones. In addition, the theme will work with any internet browser. StereoClub is Gravatar-ready, and it can incorporate HTML and PSD files. A theme documentation source was made available, for clients who wish to learn more about their site’s features. It is very informative, and easy to understand.


FWRD is another better alternative to help you in providing a way of designing an impressive WordPress based website for night clubs, pubs, bars and clubs. FWRD is the right WordPress Nightclub theme that is ideal to make your online presence better without worrying about coding knowledge. There is no denying the fact that owning or managing a Nightclub is a demanding, yet rewarding venture. You have to juggle with a hundred tasks at once, in order for your venue to succeed. However, when it comes to club promotion, themes such as FWRD can be your best friend. This innovative WordPress product is packed with useful features, and a design that could impress even the most cynical patron. Music and dancing know no boundaries, and neither should your site. FWRD is compatible with the WPML-plugin, allowing you to create a multilingual page.

Foreign patrons will certainly appreciate this format. If you have a highlight video of your amazing events, you can now include it as a site background. In addition, FWRD has features for album and audio players. They can be added on any page via custom widgets. Feel free to upload MP3s and teasers, organize playlists, or include lyrics. You do not have to be a professional programmer in order to use this theme, given that it has included the Visual Composer plugin.

It is possible due to Drag and Drop technology, even a child can create a successful nightclub page. The layouts and templates can be modified and personalized at any time. Of course, you site will be cross-browser compatible and responsive. It will bring to you some better opportunities to make your club or bar go live with better business opportunities. Try this one for your next club or bar or pub website in 2019.


Kallyas is a multipurpose WordPress theme with emphasis in visual effects. It has +30 homepages and demos within reach of one-click. (And still builds custom variations for endless homepages. It uses more than 6 sliders that let show awesome photos for hours. Kallyas is meant to make photographers and freelancers happy. You will not believe the extent of its image quality! It is pixel perfect, retina ready and 100% responsive. Kallyas provides +100 equipped elements to accompany page builder and panel framework.

Colors, headers and posts grids are customizable as layouts are unlimited. Kallyas uses a potent Smart Loader and SEO enhancer. It will run fast, as the rhythm of your nights! Set up events for a club with featured calendar! It can be adapted to the nightclub scene with only a few tweaks. Show around the success one of your parties can have! Kallyas can handle HTML5 and CSS3 animations too. It is also along many high quality features, WPML and WooCommerce compatible. You get a system that allows you to show all your potential. To sell, to write, to post, to spread news and more! Portfolio and blog pages are available too! Go on and start the party with Kallyas!


Your club, bar or pub need online presence with better business opportunities and that is possible with access to right WordPress Nightclub theme. MESH WordPress Nightclub theme is the right solution for you. If you thought that playing Poker was a gamble, try managing a club. Venues can be notoriously short-lived, as club-goers will always prefer novelty and excitement. When it comes to the fight for relevance, perception is the key. The first impression of most patrons will be based off your website. If your site is boring or bland, they will never even cross your threshold. Thankfully, modern website themes like MESH allow users to craft professional club pages, and there is no need to hire a web developer.

MESH WordPress Nightclub theme is the best source of providing you access to sell tickets directly after you set up the theme and its required plugins. This feature is wonderful. It has two players’ footer player and side album player. Not to mention non-stop music player. The music won’t stop, if the user moves to another page to check events or for any other purpose.

Even a novice user will be able to setup a fully-functional site. This product is adaptable and responsive, and patrons will be able to access content from any device, regardless of its screen size. Admins will no longer have to be tied to their desk chairs, as updates can be posted from smartphones and tablets. With MESH, tickets can be purchased directly from the site, and patrons are able to reserve tables. On the main page, a special countdown timer can tick away, building hype for any major upcoming event. It is possible to stream live music online, thanks to an impressive music player feature. You can also include a picture gallery or customer comment section. There is a lot more associated with this theme that will ease your work to a great level to make your club, bar or pub go online with huge traffic.


Choosing the best WordPress Nightclub theme is important to make your pub, bar or club go online with remarkable presence. Nightlife is ideal for those that are seeking to advertise their night club and promote certain concerts or gatherings. It is an impressive theme for directory events, allowing you to manage every single aspect of private events, pages and posts. The true advantage of this theme is that it is truly interactive. Not only does the admin have the ability to post, but so does the user as well.

In addition, this product if fully responsive, as it can display your site’s content on any device, regardless of its screen size. Although there are some exceptions, most of its features are made possible by the Revolution plugin, which is included in the purchase. Speaking of the purchase, the price is relatively low, especially when you consider the innovative features. It is often said that people who refuse to have a social media presence do not exist.
Nightlife recognizes the need for a social online footprint, and the discomfort caused by sites requiring you to register an account. Here, you can simply register with your Facebook, and use the platform to stream events, or simply bypass the registration. The home page is very easy to manage, and many items that are displayed there are actually widgets. This gives you a greater degree of freedom, as you can simply click on something and drag it to the preferred location.

With the WPML plugin support, you are also able to fully translate your page into multiple languages, allowing you to target a broader audience. It comes with customization option that will increase your interest to design a website of your choice in the way of your choice. From different Page Builders to Plugins and from customization Options to easy to use, Nightlife WordPress Nightclub theme will provide you everything you need.


Options are more to choose the right WordPress nightclub theme to make you online presence better. Pantone is a WordPress theme that can breathe life into your content. It is highly responsive and retina ready, constructed for artists, DJs, musicians and other creatives. Using this product you can create an album that will hold all your hits, a music player that can relay them, and even a playlist for your albums. Of course, most of these features were available before, but Music lets you use them without having to hire a professional team of web developers.

The content is streamlined and optimized, and it doesn’t require any additional spending whatsoever. Finally, you do not have to be a professional coder in order to get things done. They have added some video examples of what can be accomplished via the builder tool on the theme’s website. Also, a live preview and some screenshots are available.

You are given enough information regarding this product, and you will be able to make an informed decision. As is to be expected with quality theme, you can take advantage of the translation feature in order to display your page for international followers, and the WooCommerce plugin that lets you open your own online store. It is easy to download and provide you a better opportunity to make your online presence better – mainly for clubs, bars, pubs and restaurants. Pantone is an awesome looking music WordPress theme suitable for artists, music bands, musicians or anyone working in the music industry.

The template has a modern design and is very flexible allowing you to customize it according to your music style and to your needs. Pantone music WordPress theme features a full screen slider, responsive masonry archive layout, custom post types for discography, events, photo gallery and videos. Pantone music theme is extremely easy to configure, both for expert and beginner users. The theme is responsive and looks perfect on every device. Choose this one and make your bar or club go online with remarkable presence.


Choosing the right type of WordPress nightclub theme is important to make your bar, club or pub to go live. Vice is the right type of theme with 10 module types, and a design that simply refuses to be mediocre, Vice is an astounding WordPress theme for artists. The layout is completely responsive, and it can showcase your artwork on any device, regardless of the size of its screen. Vice is compatible with tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, and all web browsers.

For users who lack web development experience, an informative video tutorial was included. Simply follow its instructions, and you will be able to craft a top-quality site. It is possible to implement entire YouTube videos, as your website background. This can increase any page’s visual appeal, resulting in a superior browsing experience for all followers. There is an endless spectrum of color customization options, so feel free to experiment with different palettes.

Vice has more than 120 personalized icons, and an off-canvas menu. This menu can reduce screen clutter, as it will automatically disappear when it is not being used. In addition, you can implement 2 drop-down levels, and secondary logos. If your art is music, you are in luck. This theme has the most advanced WordPress music player on the market, with side-wide playlists, hide/show buttons, volume control, and an invisible mode. As new updates are released, the player will be automatically updated. It has everything you need for your web presence to make it remarkable.


Oscillator is an incredibly modern and fashion conscious, superbly tech-savvy and completely unique, conceptually musical and decidedly hip responsive WordPress musical multipurpose theme, a wonderfully constructed theme that has been carefully developed to be an intuitive, thoroughly powerful solution for all sorts of WordPress-based websites dealing in musical and entertainment industries, but especially well suited for deployment upon nightclub websites of all sorts.

That’s because Oscillator is not just jam-packed with sophisticated, deeply functional and modern musical features such as Streaming Audio Players for you to broadcast your events right off your website, but a profoundly stylish interface that is extremely polished and highly visually immersive, with extensive, easy to use customization options that will let you fine-tune your Oscillator nightclub website to suit your brand and needs seamlessly and quickly.

Oscillator includes time-saving features like a Drag & Drop Homepage Editor that allow for simplified and fast loading, extremely customized websites with expansive widget functionality, to be produced start to finish with absolutely no coding whatsoever. Oscillator is mobile responsive and looks beautiful on all devices, and includes search engine optimization for your nightclub to dominate the search ranks and beautiful Retina ready graphics out of the box. Don’t forget to get ready to oscillate for your next pub, club or bar website.


Citrus is an excellent Parallax WordPress nightclub theme that it is available in a one page format, and it includes a versatile and intuitive page builder. The creators designed it to fit any purpose, and to accommodate any given site. You can setup your own portfolio and blog page, or convert it into an agency, product promotion, photographer, night club, organization, non profit or music website. Basically, it implies vision and creativity, this theme has you covered. The demo content is very easy to install, and it requires only one click in order to initiate the process.

However, the developers realize the not all of their customers will be tech savvy webmasters, and they did their best in order to make the content as user friendly as possible. You will gain access to the most detailed online documentations, in addition to some very informative high definition videos. If you are still experiencing some issues with your installation, you can always contact customer support. Depending on what your plans are, you might need to open an online store.

The credit goes to Woo-commerce plugin that allows users for the creation of a trustworthy and productive shop. The WPML addition guarantees that your page will be multilingual if you wish it to be so. The page creation process has never been easier and credit goes to the Visual Page builder. You have to download and install this WordPress theme and make your web presence impressive.


Chords, the ultimate choice are a WordPress theme that includes plenty of screenshots and a live preview. The plugins, features, short codes and widgets that this theme includes are enough to make it suitable for any web page, although it is best implemented in an entertainment setting. Be it music sites, band official pages or even agency advertisement portals, Chords can accommodate the specific needs of every situation. Free updates and support were added, proving that the developers choose to stand behind their product.

One of the greatest assets in terms of customization is that most of the elements on the pages are widgets. You have the option to drag and drop them wherever you need them to be. Feel free to experiment with dozens of arrangements, each with its own specific advantages. Be it small ambitious companies or massive conglomerates, the consistent quality of this theme will shine through. There are over 6 different types of posts to choose form. The programmers have drawn inspiration from the front-end framework, allowing for full responsiveness and retina readiness.

The theme incorporates a personalized music player, in addition to full streaming support capabilities. This allows you to showcase your most prolific songs on your home page. The player if powered by the famous SoundManager 2. Thanks to the track listing shortcode, customers are able to create an expansive discography, probably the best of its kind. It comes with different Plugins and tools to make your bar, club or pub presence better and impressive one.


Choosing the right WordPress nightclub theme can be complicated, if you don’t have knowledge. However, by choosing Remix WordPress theme, you need not worry about anything. This WordPress nightclub theme is a Music theme that is designed for bands, talent agencies and modern music promoters. It was developed by an elite author, and its features are truly impressive. Remix is compatible with WordPress 4.1+, and it comes with 2 pre-determined configurations: Dark and Light. The social nature of the night club site shines through, as the fully responsive design allows it to be displayed on all devices. This guarantees a larger viewer base, facilitated by the adaptability and retina ready functions.

You are given plenty of freedom when it comes to your web site’s aesthetic design. A broad color palette, coupled with an impressive Page builder Visual Composer, is basically generating a blank canvas for you to project your imagination. Regardless of how your page ends up looking, it will be visible in both full width and boxed layouts. Not to mention every single one of your pages will include a touch slideshow, and the theme will have a nifty MP3 player.

It can work on most modern browsers, and it has over 660 high resolution icons that are waiting for you to use them. Remix has an awesome support system, and it is obvious that the developers want to keep their customers happy. If the client wishes to sell some products or services, the Woo-Commerce plugin will let you do that in a matter of minutes. Try this WordPress nightclub theme to design an impressive website of your choice without worrying about anything.


You can try something more to make your nightclub, bar, pub or any kind of other website impressive without worrying about anything. If you are looking for a nifty Ajax theme designed for WordPress, you must give Cafemio a try. It is great for cafes, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. Basically, if you have a public venue that needs online representation and advertising, look no further than Cafemio.

For those that are not interested in the WordPress version, a HTML variation is also available. The theme integrates valid HTML5 and CSS3. Cafemio is fully responsive, and it is able to work on any platform or device. Customizing the layout of your page will not require any specialized knowledge, thanks to the custom admin panel. It is so easy to use, that even a child can easily navigate its menus. You can choose between limitless color palettes, which you can complement with seamless animations.

here is a full screen background slider, and a jQuery Vegas plugin. There are plenty of intuitive short codes and you will benefit from custom post variations. When attempting to market an album or even a venue, including sample content is a good idea. Fortunately, Cafemio has an integrated music player that lets your visitors hear the best content that you have to offer. This WordPress theme is the best source of helping you in making your online presence better and generates business options!

Download the Best WordPress Nightclub Theme for Clubs & Pubs or Bars

Going through the reviews and knowing about technical specifications will help you in choosing the best WordPress theme of your choice to design an impressive website to represent your club, bar, pub or something different. These themes are easy to use and come with different Plugins, tools and customization options. Try any of the aforementioned themes for your next website without coding knowledge.

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