Top 11 Google AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes for Business Websites and Blogs

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What can be more amazing than earning something on clicks and visitors from website – no matter for which purpose you have get it designed. Google AdSense is by far the easiest monetization process for simple websites like blogs, niche websites, magazines, news and forums – mainly for the reason of having no requirement of any technical knowledge to setup and use. This method is also counted as the best paying PPC or CPC network mainly because of its high popularity and high completion between advertisers. You may have some other options to, but not the main source mainly because developers don’t click them as they know what they actually mean. If you want to earn extra from your website – mainly just from viewers page viewing and click, it is better to choose Google AdSense. It is one of the best options for those who have good traffic to website.

A fusion of AdSense and Search Engine Optimization works well to help you getting much higher CPC from organic traffic that comes from direct traffic and social media. Here, focusing on choosing the best SEO-Friendly WordPress themes is an important decision to make. Choosing AdSense Optimized WordPress themes will surely do wonders in fulfilling your desire for designing an impressive website, blog or magazine without worrying about coding knowledge. These WordPress themes come with AdSense Plugins for WordPress that help in maximizing your revenue through AdSense. In this way, it is important to choose the best one for better ad management on your website.

Some of the best Google AdSense Optimized WordPress themes for Blogs, Magazines and business websites are the following that comes with a number of plugins and tools to make your website designing experience better. Choose the best one and transform your online platform into a better revenue generated one.


Last, but not the least, Newspaper is another wonderful WordPress theme that will make your website design experience better – mainly for blogs, magazines and business websites that are AdSense Optimized. Newspaper has specialization in generating revenue for its owners by increasing the site’s popularity. The tagDiv Composer page builder lets you create layouts just by dragging and dropping elements from the list. With Newspaper 9 theme version, you can creatively create pages using the tagDiv Composer page builder and the pre-designed templates from the brand new tagDiv Cloud Library.

With this WordPress theme, you will benefit from more than 400 unique already built templates that you can easily import, 404, category, tags, author, or search pages. You can tweak every aspect of the design with tagDiv Composer. You can add countless Big Grid style combinations, Flex Blocks, reviews, video playlists, and more elements that will make your content look fantastic. You must strike a fine balance to your business.

You must generate revenue from advertisements without irritating the readers. Thankfully, Newspaper has implemented a modern, intelligent ad system. Now, every ad location has a specific box where you can insert codes. For Google AdSense, it automatically searches for the corresponding banner size. Newspaper comes with 18 ad locations that apply globally and will help you maximize your revenue stream. The template lets you include advertisements on individual posts or pages, through the tagDiv Composer and the Ad Box or Single Post Content elements. You will also get a number of added features that will make your website design experience better and convenient.

Make Your Website Impressive or Give Your Blog a Classy Touch

Now, you can make your website, blog or transform magazines online with a better revenue generated option that will be a wonderful experience for you to get. Use of different plugins, Tools and Page Builders as well as customization will enhance your experience of designing an impressive Google AdSense Optimized Website. These Wonderful WordPress themes are premium and provide you something more than what you have expected. There is no need to worry about any coding knowledge or programming language experience. Try this one and you surely get something better and latest.

List articles are some of the most attractive content formats. However, it takes a lot of effort to publish a well-researched list. Newspaper makes time by implementing a smart list system which can automatically create top-quality lists. This theme offers a large number of useful tools, and you should certainly use it for your business strategy.


Choosing the best and latest Google AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme for Blogs, Magazines and business websites is important to generate revenue and to make an impressive website to lure target audience. Divi is one of the successful and popular WordPress themes – based on strong framework that comes with a number of tools and plugins that will surely enhance your experience. Many popular websites manage to receive millions of views, and that attention can be marketed.

The creators made Divi an AdSense Optimized WordPress theme that is capable enough to understand online advertisement and ad placement. Its excellent design and gorgeous layouts will be able to attract scores of customers and followers. With Divi, the sky’s the limit! When attempting to generate revenue via online advertisement, you must attempt to gain mass-appeal. Divi allows site owners to target foreign demographics, given that it is fully-translatable.

It even supports right to left writing. You can rest easy knowing that resizing errors were eliminated. Indeed, your content and ads can be showcased on the screens of Smartphones, desktop computers, laptops and tablets. Cross-browser compatibility was included as well.

Divi comes with WooCommerce suite compatibility and with Divi Builder – featuring approx 40 unique, customizable content module blocks that are readily available for you to drag and drop into the action at the time of developing your pages as per your needs. This theme is easy to edit preconfigured template pages for all sorts of purposes. It become advanced theme, when set up as E-commerce theme. Not to mention its versatile demo websites with various sophisticated and sleek e-commerce websites – featuring carts, product pages and AJAX powered searches and filtering with WooCommerce compatibility for full blown WordPress e-commerce experience.

It is possible without having to write a single line of code on your own. Divi is a flexible solution for any talented businessperson. In terms of customization, the owner is given absolute freedom. There are literally hundreds of possible settings and options for your pages. You can either construct layouts from scratch, or import pre-made versions. Regardless of your choice, the result will look incredible. If you wish to sample Divi without having to spend any money, the developers included a live theme preview for you.

Gillion (Most Popular)

List of top Google AdSense Optimized WordPress themes is incomplete without adding name of Gillion in it – the most popular theme designed for news, writing, magazines and blogs. This multipurpose and responsive WordPress theme on strong framework has been serving a communication tool by all means; while it comes with 7 demos along with different Plugins and premium support. In addition to the aforementioned benefits and features, you will also get Visual Composer and Unyson. It has been featuring an admin Panel built to ensure its use in easy way. There is no need of worrying about coding knowledge.

One of the main benefits of using Gillion is that it comes optimized with Search Engine Optimization. Not to mention Admin Panel that provides you better way of getting the best use of it. Layout is responsive and makes this theme mobile friendly and all screens adaptable. Use its colors pallets to customize unlimited colors and introduce up to 5 blog pages. Post with 6 different formats and share it through its integrated social media icons. Gillion is the trendy, simple and smooth theme made just for you. It will surely provide you some better ways of designing an impressive website of your choice that will impress you and will surely enhance your experience of earning more revenue through AdSense.


Looking for an impressive WordPress theme that comes with the feature of Google AdSense Optimized tools and plugins?

CheerUp is without any doubt the best option for you to choose that will surely enhance your experience of designing something creative and unique. This WordPress theme is fully oriented to blogs, magazines and story writing; while it comes with more than 200 awesome handcrafted layouts. You will get it with several demos and more constantly on the way that will make your website design better with more options to choose the best.

Being one of the successful resnponsive and multipurpose WordPress theme on strong framework, CheerUp is flexible and adaptable and all browsers compatible. It comes with Live Customizer and admin panel advanced options to change things quick and easy. You cannot miss the design that is also responsive and retina ready. CheerUp uses high resolution graphics and yet it is light weighted and fast. Set up your businesses with subscriptions and stores. Use MailChimp and WooCommerce, completely integrated. This multipurpose and responsive WordPress theme comes with lots of headers and footer Styles – available with icons to add. Social media sharing buttons and search tool bars are also found. Play with 5 beautiful sliders and tons widgets. CheerUp aims for versatility and visual appeal to make readers crazy.

If you are looking for a new edge on your business or site, this is for you. CheerUp is sure to make your website impressive as it has been featuring multiple sidebars, an off canvas mobile menu and logo space settings! This impressive Google AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme is Search Engine Optimized and Contact Form compatible too. You can have more fun with its lots of typography and icons to choose from. It uses well known Typekit and Google Fonts. Get its premium support and documentation to get started.

You can start with CheerUp to make your web presence impressive with more revenue generated options. It will surely enhance your experience of designing something new and creative.


For your Google AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme selection – mainly to design blog, business website or magazine, you need not worry about anything or spend time in search. MagPlus is the right option to choose – a multipurpose and responsive WordPress theme that comes with a number of added features and benefits. It is a modern responsive WordPress Blog and magazine website theme – ideal platform for putting together eloquent websites for any industry. MagPlus is the ideal platform for putting together eloquent websites for any industry.

MagPlus is an intuitive framework for coding-free design of effective business blogs. Visual Composer makes customization quick and seamless. A range of premium plugins provide plentiful functionality for your every page. You will get a lot more as it comes with more than 150 handcrafted elements that will let you build anything you can dream up. Options are not just limited to aforementioned points as you will get something more like 40 demo websites, dozens of templates and headers, and infinite layouts wait within. Fast and lightweight, MagPlus keeps server loads low with fast-loading, optimized code.

Responsive Bootstrap coding lets you reach every user on any device and browser. Best of all, MagPlus is AdSense-ready out of the box. Monetizing your content has never been easier or faster. Grow your audience with powerful SEO enhancements and maximize your AdSense profits. It is one of the best WordPress themes to try and use that will surely make your website design experience better and impressive.


For your next business website, blog or magazine, you need something latest that can be the best source of generating revenues. If you are looking for such latest options that you can use without any technical knowledge and experience, it is better to choose GoodLife. It is one of the popular Google AdSense Optimized WordPress themes – based on responsive layout and strong framework. It is Multipurpose WordPress theme that allows you to craft jaw-dropping websites that are sure to impress many visitors.

A fine balance must be struck with advertising, because too many ads can actually discourage people from frequenting your page. Successful owners realize that the placement of ads is the most important factor. Thankfully, the Visual Composer plugin makes it easy for site owners to organize advertisements and customize their layouts. GoodLife will have perfect Jetpack and Social Integration upon installation and uses. Social media profiles are retrieved in intervals which are determined by the administrator. You can even track your position on search engine rankings, due to the Rankie WordPress plugin.

In addition, this theme has the Essential Grid plugin, which allows users to showcase multiple content formats in a personalized grid. GoodLife is compatible with any device, regardless of its screen size. Your content can be displayed on Smartphones, laptops, tablets, or desktop computers. It is the best option for you to choose that will make your website design experience better and impressive.

The Voux

Want to earn more from your website? It is not a big concern to think about. Just follow a few steps and get what exactly you are looking for?

Access to the latest Google AdSense Optimized WordPress theme for your business website, blog or business will be the right option for you to choose. The Voux is a highly responsive, retina-ready and comprehensive magazine theme for WordPress. Pages are fully customizable through the Visual Composer from which user-friendly headers may be created, together with mega menus which make use of tags, sub-categories and/or categories as a source. Position the ‘Home’ header either at the center or on the left of the page and also include an ‘In news detail’ page header. You can browse through news articles on the page is conveniently designed for users as the next article loads while they scroll down.

The link on the browser also updates as the page being viewed changes. This feature is possible courtesy of infinite scrolling. Besides news articles, the theme also showcases stylish full-screen galleries. The Voux also incorporates social networking plug-ins such as facebook, twitter, google plus, and pinterest which is a first for ThemeForest. Sharing data is stored via WordPress and is visible even on the backend. Cache period for the data and preference of social networks to be used can be modified through Theme Options.

This multipurpose and responsive WordPress theme can be viewed on all devices without compromising the quality of the page or any of the elements.


Jevelin is one of the most popular and very much preferred premium multipurpose and responsive WordPress theme – color, creative, serious and professional. It is stylish and classy too that is counted as the perfect solution for webmasters from any domain – no matter whether they have programming language experience or coding knowledge or not. This multipurpose WordPress theme on strong framework comes with different tools including AdSense tool to help you in making your website easy to get the code implemented and earn more.

Jevelin is an incredible theme for those looking for a way to distribute and disseminate their precious content to a massive, heterogeneous online audience in the most attractive and relatable presentation possible, with a multitude of deep customization capabilities to choose from and a number of handsome and handcrafted demo websites and page templates to help you hit the ground running.

If you are looking for practical, modern and easy to use online shop with all features, it is ideal WordPress E-commerce theme to provide you complete peace of mind. Its commercial capabilities are amazing – powered by the WooCommerce E-Commerce Plugin Suite to empower you to market your products without any problem.

Try Jevelin now to start making your products visible in market. It comes with Pentagon Grand – the ultra pulse Fractional C02 Laser, uses the latest Ultra Pulse Technology to give safe and effective results. It ensures delivery of energy through small micro units to the dermis level – ensuring that the healthy tissues – left untouched between these micro units. It comes with a number of added features – mainly over ten different and imaginative portfolio layout combination that you can import with a single click to showcase your finest Visual Works – Greatest Professional Accomplishments. It comes with multiple portfolio overlays and multiple portfolio single item layouts to fiddle with. It has everything you need to impress target audience. Jevelin is the best way of displaying your content and make your website impressive to lure target audience and let them make clicks over website to help you in generating more revenue.


The most vital Google AdSense Optimized WordPress theme, Sahifa is ideal to use for your next impressive WordPress website to represent your business, magazine or blog. It is powerful and intuitive.

With other themes, many complex site elements can have trouble adapting to the smaller screens of mobile devices. This multipurpose and responsive WordPress theme has eliminated all resizing and compatibility problems. Tablet and smart phone users will be able to easily access your content. In addition, the layout will work with any browser and operating system. There is no limit to this theme’s adaptability. In addition to this, your site layout will have 3 variations that include Boxed, Wide, and Framed. You can swiftly change these settings at any time.

For many online companies, merchandising is an important part of their business plan. Moreover, Sahifa has incorporated the WooCommerce plugin, allowing for the creation of online commerce stores. This is a very reliable product, given that thousands of sites from across the world have chosen WooCommerce.

Massive pages can only grow if they can accommodate a large number of users. With WPML capabilities, you can now target people – mainly to increase your view count. There are a number of added features associated with the latest WordPress Theme that will surely enhance your experience of designing something creative and new.


Herald, the multipurpose and responsive WordPress theme is one of the excellent AdSense Optimized theme that is based on strong framework and ideal for modern and charming design with more than 500 article listing layouts. There are also numerous customization options, and there is no need for programming knowledge. Even novice users can install Herald by simply following the informative setup and installation videos. In addition to this, the creators built this theme for speed and lightning-fast loading times.

Moreover, users can easily upload images for articles in various formats and aspect ratios. You can either select a pre-determined size, or implement custom parameters. There are many monetization settings. It is possible to place ad banners on the site homepage, articles, or posts. Apart from all the aforementioned benefits, you will get access content directly from their laptops, desktop computers, tablets and Smartphones. The layout is fully responsive, Retina-ready and cross-browser compatible. Writers no longer have to tie themselves into their desk chairs, as Herald allows them to work from their phones, while on the move.

You can also create your own professional online store by using the popular WooCommerce plugin. Selling your merchandise has never been easier. You can assign every category in a different layout color, making it easier for readers to navigate your page. There are various added features associated with Herald that will make your website design experience better and impressive. You have to download the theme and start using it according to your choice.


Goliath is fully responsive and resizes sleekly different kinds of devices and screen sizes. It offers users easy-to-customize theme layout, thanks to its powerful framework powered by Twitter Bootstrap technology. Goliath allows you to set up your website just the way you want through the Planetshine Control Panel.

The theme’s beautiful typography helps you gain the attention of your target web visitors as well as send your brand message across the web. It comes with powerful shortcodes and widgets, customisable sidebar and let website admin edit the appearance of Goliath using live visual editor. It also offers a unique particle parallax background to make your site background come alive. Moreover, you can quickly and easily create, arrange, and organize certain elements in your website using the Visual Composer integrated in the theme. Adding visually appealing sliders to your website is also trouble-free because Goliath WordPress theme comes with Slider Revolution plugin.

Furthermore, this modern and adsense-optimized theme includes a drag and drop mega menu to improve the design of your website and enhance the navigation in your website. Goliath also includes Product Review feature designed for reviewers. Additionally, it’s WooCommerce ready so you can set up an online shop within your website without a fuss. With its bbPress plugin integration, you are able to make your website become more social and interactive. This theme is also WPML Ready, includes PSD files, modern photo galleries, Auto hot articles and Smart Sidebar. It comes with brilliant ads management feature that lets you set up and organize the banners or Google Ads in your website. Lastly, this theme features a strong social media integration and fully optimized for Search Engine Optimization.

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